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The Brief

A new alternative business needed a way to communicate and educate its audience on what they do. And also how they do it. This business was Art Therapy. The clever people that run the show call it Artonomy! We helped them bring Artonomy to life.


The Solution

We developed a brand that suggested art by its logo mark alone. The logo and type suggests an approachable gentle service represented with a soft imperfect, borken circle.

The brand needed to communicate to its audience trough print and screen, we helped with this through business cards and flyers and Social Media.

Artonomy needed a website to sell themselves. A website would allow them to give advice on the many different areas they cover and how they provide there service.

The website will be the main information outlet for running there business. Creating a blog feature to keep its target audience in the loop and also a strong CTA, encouraging users to call for more information.

Visit the website
Artonomy Website

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