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Be Unique! Be Different!!!
We love to create...
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We are The Design Girls

Graphic Designers in Wexford are not uncommon, but what we do is! Our aim is to make the world a prettier place… pixel by pixel. Empowering change and to be different.. we want your brand to stand out from the pack!

We love a good brand story and this is where we can help… we help you deliver that story through… Social Media, Website, Business Cards and even a fancy new t-shirt with your new logo on it!
From web design to print, we have great ideas to get your brand noticed.

Have you got an idea or a website that needs to look more inspiring or fun, get in touch with us and see how we can help.

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The Design Girls love brands. Big and small, new and old. Every Brand starts with a story, let us tell yours.


Connect with more customers. We make your ideas look awesome by always, Thinking Outside The Box.


Building unique, and bespoke websites, in your brands style. Shout about how great you are. Show them!

Designing for Digital & Print

We love to design and when you get the right design it generates a great response, more business and more brand awareness!
Get creative with The Design Girls.

Tell us your story and The Design Girls can bring it to life.

Be Unique, Be Different! Stand out with The Design Girls.