The Brief

Following Scurri’s new brand identity and wireframe to create a dynamic, stunning website with the user experience one of its main focuses. We needed it to be clutter free and really show what Scurri do and how powerful there product is and how it can transform your business and help with Connecting Commerce.

The Solution

The website had to show and confirm to users what a great service Scurri provide and how they provide it. Creating alternative layouts with strong CTA’s the website lets you discover Scurri, there brand and how clever they really are! To highlight their great product we put together case studies from real customers to reenforce how good Scurri are at Connecting Commerce.

Scurri asked for the website to appeal not only to the B2B market but also future employees. We developed a Careers page to showcase this great place to work, using icons to create fun and make Scurri appeal to future employee’s that are familiar with the Scurri brand. A welcoming career page that is very inviting.

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