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We are The Design Girls… A design studio with a love for brands (and new ideas!) We want to make you stand out from the crowd.

We create deadly, unique designs that resonate, including… logos, marketing material: ebooks, posters, graphics for Social Media and websites for clients who want to make a difference and understand the importance of great design.

Got an idea? Or want to grow or rejuvenate your current brand. Get in touch with us and see how we can help!

A brand or business will grow stronger & faster if it looks great.
Let us make your brand look great!!!
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Logo Design

We love brands

We love a good brand story and … we can help you deliver your story. Developing a successful brand story can help your audience learn more about your brand, your purpose and your products. We like to think of it as a love story. (and grows with time into a beautiful trusted brand)

Our process

Let’s start with a chat…..We work closely with our clients and listen to their needs and then we deliver….  deadly…..  exciting…. results!  From logo designs, websites, branding and much much more..

website design

Our results

We deliver results that resinate with your customer base and not to mention are memorable and look feckin’ deadly! This is done through print and screen.

Check out our work to see some of our fantastic results.

So let’s grab a coffee and have a chat!